Monday, May 31, 2010

Paying Honor To Our Flag!

Happy Memorial Day!
A perfect time to discuss Flag Etiquette~
YIKES - I'm afraid I have violated a few of these ... like wearing
t-shirts or jewelry with the flag on itBut did you know there are a set of regulations, called the Flag Code, here's a few tips. Some may surprise you!

  1. Don’t dispose of the flag yourself. There are flag disposal services that will gladly take care of your flag respectfully for you, but you should never, ever throw away a flag.
  2. Our very popular "Old Navy" t-shirt is a violation of the Flag Code. Who knew! Everyone knows you aren’t supposed to wear an actual flag – but did you know those T-shirts Old Navy comes out with every Fourth of July are a violation of Flag Code, too? Flag boxers, flag ties, etc. are all violations - even if your clothes just have a picture of the flag - that's a faux pas too! YIKES!
  3. Advertisements are a faux pas. The American Flag is not supposed to be used in advertising of any kind.
  4. Height matters. The American Flag should never be displayed beneath the flag of another country. But did you know that in times of peace, it can’t be displayed above another country’s flag, either? They have to be at the same height. And if you display the flag of another country, the two have to be the same size.
  5. If it’s ripped, take it down. It’s extremely disrespectful to display a tattered or torn flag. Fold it up and send it to the flag disposal service.
  6. It’s not a decoration. If patriotic decorations are a must for your Memorial Day party, please, don’t use a real flag! The American Flag should only be hung from the Union side (the side with the stars on the blue field) or displayed flat against a wall. It should never decorate a table, speaker’s podium, or anything else.
  7. Practice proper storage. It takes at least two people to properly fold a flag. Never take it down without help, because it’s also against the Flag Code for the American Flag to touch the ground.
  8. If you display your flag after dark, light it. The American Flag should never be in the dark, so if you don’t want to take it down at sunset, invest in a spotlight.
  9. This Memorial Day, let’s remember the courageous men and women who have given their lives to ensure our freedom… or to give the precious gift of freedom to another nation. God Bless America! xoJoy

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