Saturday, May 1, 2010

Graduation Etiquette

Graduation time is almost here and there are a few questions that always come across my email, so I have put together a tip list from those questions.
  1. There is a big difference in graduation invitations vs. graduation announcements. A invitation means you are invited to the commencement and an announcement is basically a heads-up that the person is graduating. 
  2. Invitations are typically send to close friends and family members and should be mailed four weeks out.
  3. Announcements should be mailed at least two weeks prior to the ceremony. 
  4. Upon purchasing your graduation regalia hang up your gown as soon as possible to allow the wrinkles to smooth out.
  5. The cap is worn parallel to the ground, with the point of the cap between the eyes. The tassel hangs to your left and will be moved to the right upon graduation.
  6. Know the school dress customs, traditions and expectations. You might possibly need to wear a tie and remember shoes are just about the only part of the graduate’s attire that is visible to the audience. Wear tasteful shoes – avoid flip flops, sandals, tennis shoes or bunny slippers!
  7. Avoid wearing a darker color clothes underneath your a light colored graduation gown. 
  8. Guests should dress tastefully and determine if the commencement will be indoors or out doors, then dress weather appropriate.
  9. Be sure to thank everyone who sent a graduation gift with a handwritten “thank-you” note. This note should simply acknowledge the gift and should be sent immediately – however if it takes you a month, a late note is better than no note.
  10. Gift giving is alway appropriate, especially if you are invited to the graduation or a party. If you are sent an announcement, it is not necessary to send a gift, but a least send a graduation card - it is nice gesture.
  11. Gifts should be mailed or given to the person as close to graduation day as possible.  
  12. Money is an excellent gift to give to the graduate. Other cool gifts include luggage, a camera, jewelry, gift certificates and of course ... my favorite recommendation - A Socially Savvy Book!
If you have other great ideas for graduation gifts - PLEASE let me know!


EntertainingMom said...

Very informative!

Kitchen Belleicious said...

Great tips. Too bad I didnt have them when I was graduating! Hope your having a fab weekend! Thanks for visiting this mornign! Love ya

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