Thursday, May 13, 2010

More Faux Pas

Top Ten Etiquette Faux Pas 
 This “Top Ten” list reveals some of the most common 
etiquette faux pas people commit on a daily basis.
 1. Forgetting to turn cell phones on manner mode (silent/vibrate) 
in public places—and even worse, proceeding to answer calls 
with a “cell yell.” 
 2.Sending text messages or e-mails during meetings, worship 
services, weddings, or funerals.
3. Not responding to party invitations—just showing up and 
bringing a friend. 
 4. Not sending a thank-you note. 
 5. Being late to meetings. This says that your schedule and time 
are more important than others’ in the meeting. 
 6. Coughing and sneezing in your social (right) hand. Your right 
hand is your social hand, and your left hand is your personal 
hand. No one wants to shake hands with someone who has just 
coughed into his or her hand. 
 7. Re-gifting—it is wrong! If you do not like a gift you’ve been given, 
donate it or give it to someone who would use it—don’t pass it 
off as a thoughtful gift you purchased for someone else! 
 8. Using the wrong bread plate or water glass—remember: B.M.W. 
(Bread on the left, Meal in the center, Water on the right). 
 9. Inviting someone to eat and not paying—the person who 
invites, pays. 

 10. Applying make-up at the table. All personal grooming should be 
done in the restroom. 
 Bonus Faux Pas—Using a toothpick, crunching ice, or 
chewing gum! 
We must give our best and be our 
best. How can we be our best if we 
don’t know the basics? 

This list is found in my Socially Savvy book which can be found on Amazon, at and many other boutique locations found on my website. Enjoy!

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The Pink Tutu said...

Great tips! Thanks for sharing. It's funny how in today's times so many etiquette rules are having to be established thanks to technology.