Thursday, June 3, 2010

Polish Dallas

 I just had the pleasure of presenting a Socially Savvy session to Polish Dallas - a fabulous organization of young professional woman in the city.  While navigating the corporate world, setting goals, and following dreams can be a challenge for some women - these girls have their heads on straight. They understand that success and integrity go hand in hand, and that faith in the workplace does exist. It was a fantastic place to see our young women seeking The Truth in a corporate setting. The fact of the matter is - you can't put your faith on the shelf Monday - Saturday. Our faith is a full-time faith! 
Polish Dallas has bi-monthly meeting at the TowerClub in Downtown Dallas - go check it out!
Socially Savvy Book Signing

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Anna said...

Joy! This is so neat! I would love a ministry like this in Baton Rouge. Your post has inspired me to start one!