Friday, June 25, 2010

It's Suzy Welch!

Do you know Suzy Welch? If not, you must get to know her by following her on twitter and buying her (decision-making) book 10/10/10.

In a random set of circumstances Suzy began making decisions in her crazy-busy life based on looking at questions from the prospective of 10 minutes, 10 months and 10 years. This decision-making process became her way of creating a life of her own making. 10/10/10 is learning to approach making choices with a new way of thinking and in-turn getting priorities right!

Her husband is the great Jack Welch, former Chairman of the Board of GE Capital. I have read all of his books - an amazing career and he gives much glory to his mother. Then, you know he has gotta be a good guy!

Suzy was the keynote speaker at the Women Business Enterprise National Convention in Baltimore. I got to shake her hand and have a little live chat with her at thte 10/10/10 book signing. A great personality and a live wire! Here's our pic ...
Signed: To Joy, Manners DO Matter, Your BFF, Suzy Welch
(the BFF part is a little twitter side joke)

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Suburban Princess said...

How exciting for you!
I am going to check out their books - I am always looking for self improvement!

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