Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy or Sad

It's Father's Day - a very special and happy day for those who had a great dad and for those who did not - it is over-rated and sad.

In most cultures - "So goes the dad - So goes the family." Families can change as a result of a father changing.

Our friend Neal Jeffrey's grandfather was an alcoholic who abandon their family completely. Neal's dad made a choice to lead a different life. He was an affirming and loving husband and dad, who had his family in church every Sunday and prayed with them daily. Neal's dads choices changed not just his legacy, but generations to come. 

Neal has made an incredible impact on our lives too. Ten years ago, I remember him saying, "Couples, if you are not praying together, don't expect much out of your relationship." James and I were just dating at the time, but committed our relationship to praying together daily. Two months later we were engaged and then married in another two months. To this day we pray together - every morning. Prayer changes things!

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Miss Janice said...

This book sounds very interesting. I must check it out. "The couple that prays together stays together!"

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