Saturday, February 20, 2010

Socially Savvy Saturday!

Weddings are always in season so we must remember our manners when attending this life long anticipated event!

Always avoid these situations when attending a wedding or reception. This is the biggest day in the lives of the bride and groom; we do not want to mess it up for them. 
Wedding Etiquette Faux Pas:

  • Being late! “Better late than never” does not apply at weddings. Walking in while the wedding ceremony is being held is an absolute embarrassment to everyone.
  • Not sending in the RSVP card ASAP. It is crucial to send the response card immediately in order for the bride to plan the details of her wedding.
  • Bringing babies or small children to a wedding. Crying babies and rambunctious children do not want to be at the event, nor do the bride and groom want them to destroy the romance of their wedding.
  • Dressing in solid white. Any way you look at it—it is still a faux pas to dress in solid white, even if the bride is not in white. It still sends a signal that you are competing with the bride. It is her day in the spotlight and white is reserved for the bride, whether she chooses to wear it or not.
  • Taking a gift to the wedding. Even though there will probably be a gift table at the wedding/reception, it is for the people who still do not understand that it is rude to bring a gift to the wedding. 
  • Send the gift to the couple ahead of time or after the wedding.

These big wedding faux pas mentioned are only a few, so absorb and remember them in order to help make a perfect day for newlyweds. Get ready - there are more faux pas to follow!


Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Oh I couldn't agree more. I have several friends who were made to feel shame when people asked why their kids were not invited to the wedding. And a few guests who refused to come even though they were politely explained to why it just wasn't to be at their event. I would think parents would want a date night without kiddos now and then.

Sweet Tea and Biscuits said...

oh thanks for sharing over at sips of the south! Super cute post and so true :) Tootles

Kitchen Belleicious said...

So agree with you. Thanks for sharing the tips!

Patriotic Princess said...

Love this post! So true and important for people to keep in mind. I'm getting married in June so hopefully people review these rules before :)

Bumpkin on a Swing said...

Yes maam, I have brought a gift to a wedding, but will watch myself in the future. New one to me.

Slumber Designs said...

Great pointers! In fact, I think you thought of them all :-)

First time visiting your blog... I'll most definately be back!