Saturday, February 13, 2010

All In The Name of Love!

Bring it on! 
Who does not like a holiday where you receive flowers, chocolate, and other romantic gifts? I know I do - so let's do this thing!

While there are many versions of the history of  Valentine’s as we know it today, the most popular version stems from a 19th century British tradition. The custom of sending valentines caught on quickly throughout the UK then spread like wildfire and since 1847 Americans do it too!

The Greeting Card Association estimates that approximately one billion 
Valentine cards are sent world-wide each year, 
making Valentine's Day the second largest 
card-sending holiday of the year behind Christmas.
If you receive Roses for Valentines Day here's the hidden 
meaning behind the color:(and my spin on it too!)
Red= Love
A Single Rose = I Love You
My interpretation of this is the more red roses the more you love the person!:) Right!
Red and White = Unity
Pink = Happiness (My friends Coco and Kara adore pink flowers)
Yellow = Joy, Gladness, (also The State Flower of Texas!) I love yellow roses or any yellow flower, they brighten any room, you can't be sad in a room with yellow flowers!
Yellow with Red Tip = Friendship or Falling in Love
White = Purity
Peach = Appreciation 
Orange = Desire and Fascination (hmmm?)
Lavender = Love at first sight (isn't that called lust?)

The roses above - they are for you! 
Happy Valentines Weekend~

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