Thursday, February 25, 2010

Money Does NOT Mean Class

Sorry for the absence in blogland - I had to take to the bed earlier this week after attending a prestigious fundraising luncheon only to see an extremely wealthy Dallas socialite dressed in bright white summer slacks (not winter white or cream), and she was toting a bright white summer handbag. Ooohhhh! 

I took three Advil and sat in confusion trying to make sense of it all. Last time I checked it is still February, dead of winter, the coldest winter on record here. I flipped through my calendar again to make sure it is nowhere close to Spring or Easter. What is going on in this world? 

Not only are we having to endure the Healthcare Summit Clash, a raging war against terrorist, and now "THIS!" The only sense I can make of it is nouveau riche. Those acquiring new money who have not been taught the basic rules of etiquette.  

Let's start here Ms. Money Bags: 1) NO SUMMER CLOTHES IN THE MIDDLE OF WINTER (yes, all caps means I'm screaming - LOUDLY!) Just because the stores have new summer clothes on the racks does not mean we wear them now. 2). Invest in a copy of Socially Savvy

Okay, so as I was trying to unwind over this big social blunder I clicked on my yahoo homepage only to see this picture of a walking faux pas.
 This just can't be the Dakota Fanning - superstar, favorite young celebrity, who is wise beyond her 16 years - NO WAY (okay, I'm screaming again - so sorry!) Oh good grief - I am speechless - this makes my head hurt again! I originally though it was a pic from a new movie - uh no~ It our precious Dakota proving to be a rebel.  Hello Advil ...

~ And, in the famous last words of somebody ...  This Too Shall Pass!


Nocona said...

Did she look in the mirror and think, "This looks good. I am going out like this and I will top it with a crown."

Preppy 101 said...

Hilarious post. But so alarming to see that bright white before Easter Sunday. It also makes me cringe to see spring/summer fashion in October! And Dakota. I have no words. She seemed so normal and precious. {sigh} xoxo

EntertainingMom said...

When I was younger (In my early 20s) my boss's daughter came home pink streaks in her hair and with her belly button pierced. She might have been 15 or 16. I was shocked but distinctly remember being told that he would prefer his daughter to do these to partake in drugs or other damaging, illegal behavior. She was a top student, a good kid, young, and needed to express herself. She was from a good Greenwich (CT) family. Those words struck a chord all those years ago. While I would love nothing more than Rebecca to wear Lilly 24/7 I realize she will need to be a preteen/teenager and express herself. Sometimes as parents we need to let go just a little bit when appropriate. Dakota is (still) a good kid. While she clearly could use a new pair of tights I say let her dress up (or down as the case may be) and eventually she will outgrow this. I know I wore some very questionable outfits in the 80s and I came out of it unscathed!

As far as the grown woman in the white white in the middle of the Winter... well, that's just tacky!

Danielle said...

Holy Hell! I am so happy I found you (via a tweet from @housewifebliss). Thank God, I have found a blogger that speaks my language! Now following....:)

Anna said...

Joy! I'm so glad I found your blog! I enjoyed meeting you at the Dayspring Women's Luncheon a few weeks ago.

I have a style question relevant to this post if you have a free second to respond.

I am also a firm believer of the no white until AFTER Easter Rule. (I won't even wear my white sweatpants until after Easter) - but what about watches?

I have a beautiful white acrylic Michael Kor's watch. Intuition tells me to save it for post Easter and Pre-Labor day.

What do you think?

...All Things Refined said...

Hi Anna -
So glad to hear from you - And thrilled you are following my blog!
I agree with your intuition. I have a white Toy watch that I start wearing Easter and take it off Labor Day. It may sound extreme but I don’t feel right with it on during the winter.I hope you are enjoying your book and I look forward to coming back to Baton Rouge soon.
All my best,

Anna said...

Joy - Thank you so much for your quick response. I'm so glad to know you agree. I don't think that's extreme at all, and I wish more people followed the rules. I'll continue to save my white watch until Easter. Thanks again!

Laurabelle5 said...

Laurabelle5 said....
I was planning on sending some more money to Haiti but after seeing Dakota, it looks as if she needs it worse.... And.... it is clear, even in the middle of a earthquake.... the folks in Haiti have a whole lot more "dress class" than she is displaying!! I am sure she must have some very good qualities but certainly NONE when it comes to influencing kids (or ANYONE)on how to dress. No excuse.

Miss Janice said...

I would stay home before I wore white in winter!