Wednesday, December 4, 2013

They Really Liked Me!

Fourth Graders Gone Socially Savvy
No one was more shocked (than I) that I did not get tied up or at least have something thrown at me in a fourth grade classroom setting.... because, of course, the fact that I was teaching  a social etiquette class, yes etiquette lessons to the age of children that usually can't stay focused for over 1/2 second. This is NOT my typical age audience, but now I'm rethinking it. They were wonderful!

It appears The Plainview Christian Academy is training up their students the right way, because this young group embraced my Socially Savvy message and had all the right answers - really. If I asked a question, they had the appropriate answer and then some

A few shout-outs: Ms. Brown, you are THE BEST! PCA Parents - YOU ROCK! (especially you Jennifer, thank you for inviting me)

Yes, PCA is a private, small town Texas school. Each student there is blessed beyond measure to attend with low headcount in each classroom. 

I never heard a "Yep", Nope", or "Huh?" but lots of Yes Ma'am and No Ma'am. I liked it, actually...I loved it! Each student was polite, funny, and at full-attention for 45 minutes.

On a global note: The morning news today stated: "After about half a million students worldwide took the PISA exams, the United States performance remained flat. "Experts" say the test results will likely intensify the debate over education reform." 

Wouldn't it be great if the "experts" started the reform with a few "basics".
For example: 
  • How to make a great impression. 
  • How to give a compliment and how to accept one.
  • What confidential information not to share with others.
  • How to shake hands and look others in the eyes.
  • How to write a thank-you note.
  • Basic dining skills.
America would be a better place if we start early training up our children in the way they should go.

What do you think?


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