Saturday, February 2, 2013

Super Bowl Etiquette

Super Bowl Sunday

Track your NFL team fans.
Track your NFL team fans.
Is your team in the Superbowl this year? 
No? Mine either. (sniff, sniff)
Don't get me started on the Dallas Cowboys - it's complicated! But as you can see on the map above - the Cowboys still have some followers even though they stink. Yes - I can say that because I am a lifelong fan (see, it's complicated)
On a lighter note, I know you're going to a Superbowl party and you must remember to take the dish requested of you (or chip in $ for the catering) and please do not forget to take a fun gift to the host/hostess if the party is in a home, Consider a football theme gift. For example: Football team cookies (TART Bakery if you live in Dallas), or Tervis Tumberlers have all your team's logo, or perhaps a more extravagant gift is a tabletop book of the history of football.
Remember to write a thank you note to your host/hostess afterwards,  thanking them for putting together the Superbowl Party and the fun of it all.
I never remember who plays in the Superbowl from year to year, mainly because my team has not been in the Superbowl since 1996 (yes, we won)
Super Bowl XXX
Jan. 28, 1996
Sun Devil Stadium
Tempe, Arizona
MVP: Larry Brown, CB, Dallas
 Dallas Cowboys27
Pittsburgh Steelers17
What I do remember from year to year are the commercials and the halftime shows. My favorite commercials are the Budweiser commercials featuring the big Clydesdale horses. This year's ad does not disappoint.

Back to etiquette tips - here are a couple more.
  • Don't keep your head buried in your iPhone or iPad tweeting or Facebooking - it's rude!
  • Remember - everyone is not watching the Super Bowl in real time - be careful not to blert out the scores. Some may have Tivo'ed it to watch later.
  • Be a gracious winner and loser. Just think of the Harbaugh's brother's parents - they will have one that wins and one that is loser.
Have a Super Super Bowl Sunday!