Sunday, January 31, 2010

When In Rome ...

Act Like A Dallas Girl!

We can't help it - that's who we are, we just want to have fun, fun, fun! Coco and I had our driver (JHW) take us on an international trip which included dinner at Javiers and then he swept us off to Rome. Well, something like that ... He took us to the movies to see When In Rome. It was a light hearted cutsie movie that Coco and I adored, however, JHW - uh, not so much. Oh well ... until next time ta-ta

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Her Southern Charm

Her Southern Charm is very charming~
If you have not stopped by her blog - it is time to get some Southern Charm!
HSC is inspiring and she always has a new challenge for us. I can't wait to see what she comes up with next!


Sunday, January 17, 2010

2010 Motto Words

Your Motto Words .... oh you inspire me!
Socially Savvy Tip subscribers are graciously sending in 2010 motto words. I had challenged them to give themselves one word that would symbolize the life they chose to lead in 2010.
If you are ready to be inspired - read on ...

My word is "Scripture".  I’d like to focus on scripture as situations arise, in prayer, before I speak, as I think and do.  I’d like to memorize and apply and be rooted in the Word of God. Kara 

After giving it a lot of thought, I've decided the word I want to be my mantra this year is "Committed" --to be dedicated to the betterment of each phase of my life: spiritually, physically, emotionally, relationally, and in my enjoyment of each and every day. Nina 
My word is "Persevere"- to strive in spite of difficulties or obstacles.   I have a lot of work to do with the estates of two of my loved ones, with my job, and with my home.  I don’t want the stress to get me depressed, and I want to continue to enjoy lifeBeverly   
Happy new year sweet friend!  This is an awesome email and challenge!  My word is "BELIEVE!"  “All things are possible for him who believe.” Mark 9:24 Robin
I want to restore "joy and laughter" to my life.  See the good things and ignore the bad.  Dian 
More words to share soon ... xojoy
If you have not read the Motto Words I posted last week, please scroll down and be inspired!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Tips Down the Hill!

Need I say more - 
JHW and I are in Colorado skiing ...Texas style! Tips down the hill as fast as we can go to make sure every moment counts. And you will be glad to hear - No yard sale falls yet ....

The weather here is warmer than the weather in Big D! The sun is shining everyday, no wind, we have the mountain to ourselves - AMAZING! And by the way ... Go Cowboys!

Friday, January 8, 2010

More "WORDS"

My e-mail is flooding with "Words" ...
Words that depict individual mottos for the Socially Savvy who subscribes to the Tip of the Week, or of course anyone who reads this blog is welcome to leave your Word too.
As you can see I started posting yesterday and will continue until the last words is received. Each one is an inspiration to me and many include stories and reasons the word was selected. 
I will respond back to each of you personally and I want you to know my responses might be short because I am traveling now and will be using the trusty iPhone for emails and blogging until Wednesday the 13th.

Read and be inspired ...

I love this idea and find it as a very inspiring way to start my year off.
My word is “Celebrate”.  To “celebrate” the word of the Lord and the times spent with my loving husband and my children.  To “celebrate” the great life that I have been given and the opportunities I am faced with. There are some many other things that I have to “Celebrate” and I am so happy to “CELBERATE” in 2010!! 

Sometimes we tend to get lost with all our job duties that we forget to breathe. "Breathe" to me not only gives us oxygen to sustain life but it's a word that keeps me centered and present with each moment in front of me --ultimately keeping me close to God and the divine power within. Sometimes, it's one breath at a time. The more I "breathe" the more peaceful I am.

My word is Inpspiration!  I want to be an inspiration to others and be around those that inspire me to be the best I can be.

My word is "truth" 
Facing the truth about all situations. My lack of repentance in taking care of God's temple, my body. My constant tardiness and how it affects and discourages others. Teaching others about God's truth and His Son's salvation. A lot of times I come to a screeching halt when I read one of my favorite scriptures which is in Philippians 4:8 "whatever is true...think about such things..." Am I loving, or forgiving in a Godly way? Am I truly glorifying God with my life? Every day, every minute we make decisions, will I see what's before me with God's eyes, with truth or with the enemy's eyes and be deceived? 

I feel quite challenged by this mail and thought within me that which word will help me to have all things i have in mind and all around in view and came up with....
 I intend to Focus more on HIM(CHRIST) for all. Focus on people and things around me. Focus on events as we are in the end times and so on .....


"Move" - My professional job is a recruiter.  I want to move people to my way of thinking.  I want specific people to move to my institution.  And, the sheer nature of my job requires me to be physically "moving" from location to location, frequently, almost daily.  As a Christian, I'm challenging myself to move more non-Christians to know Christ as their personal Savior.  Christians are Commissioned to move people to Christ.  Our testimonies are critical.  Our delivery of The Good News must spiritually "move" a lost soul to takes those first steps in a wonderful journey.  Thanks for the challenge this morning,   

More tomorrow~

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Socially Savvy New Year's Challenge!

Welcome Socially Savvy Subscribers!

How inspiring you are to me! So many of you are accepting The New Year’s Challenge from my tip of the week! For those who are reading my blog for the first time - a sincere Thank You! For those of you who don't know, each week I send out an etiquette tip that I hope will be a refresher for some, and new information for others. Socially Savvy Tip
This week I "paid it forward" by challenging my subscribers with one word that would symbolize the life they choose to lead in 2010. 
I say "pay it forward" because, a friend(HerSouthernCharm)challenged me to do this last week. As she put it - this "word" is to influence decisions, and to inspire my way of living. I want to focus on it, pray on it, and reflect upon this word as I go about my daily life... a sort of simple motto for the year. It is my word. I don't have to fit it around any one else's life. 

Here are some of the inspiring "Words" I received back today. Enjoy!

My word is "cherish".  Cherish my children because they grow up too soon.  Cherish my husband,  and all other family members because we truly never know when our time is up.  Cherish my health, my home, my country, and the beautiful sounds, smells, and sights of nature.
My word for the year will be ' listen'
God bless you and Happy new year!
For Life,

I chose "person".
Be a better person by being a better listener; be a better person by being a better friend; be a better person by creating new relationships; be a better person by devoting more time to existing relationships; be a better person by being a better parent; be a better person by being more compassionate; be a better person by being a better example;  be a better person by being a better Christian.

~ John
I LOVE this challenge!  What a great way to focus on what is true, honorable, right, pure, lovely, of good repute, and excellent.
My word is "Christlike."

On New Year’s Eve I asked God where and how he wanted to use me this year.  I heard the word “Encourager” and that is my word for this year.  To Encourage.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!  My word is “Healthy”.  Thanks for the inspiration! Wendy
I love, love, love the idea… word to define my thoughts and processes…all year long. I think I will choose “Positive”…..I will try with all my might to remember to be “positive” no matter what the world drops in my lap this year.  Thanks for Sharing!!

I have been thinking about your challenge and I have chosen "discipline" as my 2010 word.  It reminds me to "stick to my guns" so to speak with decisions I've made in my personal life and remember the goal I'm striving toward: being a well-rounded, happy, successful, accomplished 25-year-old and time-management and discipline are means to that end.
Mine is peace - such as only that from Christ.
In a world of chaos all around us, I'm going to focus on trusting God and allowing His peace to be supreme in my heart.
Thank you for the challenge.

My word is Faith
Def: Sure of what I hope for and certain of what I do not see ...
For me, life without prayer would be empty and the Bible tells us that we must have faith when we pray. (otherwise we are just hoping)

My friend chose 
"Create" as her word. To create a loving home for her family, create healthy and wholesome meals, create new designs for her jewelry, etc..(HerSouthernCharm)

I will be traveling all day tomorrow - I will post more over the weekend!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Welcome 2010!
2009 is behind us, but will not soon be forgotten. It was a year of high highs, and very low lows.
To name a few highs: (most are mentioned in previous blogs)
Meeting my childhood dreamboat Donny Osmond in person in Vegas and hanging out back stage with him, and his beautiful and very funny sister - Marie. 
My BFF had a precious baby boy - Mikhael James (see photo)

Volunteer work with Council For Life with an amazing team of women planning our Oct. 5K Run of which I was very honored to be the Honorary Chair.
I got a new red mercedes and was thrilled with the purchase of our vacation dream home in Colorado and complete decor redo by KBM Design. (Sweeet!)
Travel to various cities all over the U.S. with my business and my husbands business.
Fabulous Clients - including a new and unique one -The US Army (yes, you read that correctly)
I was also thrilled to receive excellent media exposure in my business including an Associated Press article that circulated from coast to coast and one particular story NBC aired for me this fall on  H1N1 Flu Etiquette that was picked up by other stations including The Weather Channel (they show news too!) and Tulimundo.

Some very low lows:
My precious friend Amy Jones lost her life to cancer within 3 short months, (see her beautiful picture). My husband's sister lost her life to cancer, my husband's mentor at 48 years of age diagnosed in Sept with stage 4 cancer, my husband's mother fell fracturing her pelvis in 4 places, and drumroll please .... my husband's best friend betraying him and oh the heartbreak/pain it has caused us. (good riddance 2009!) 
Thankful for many, many things this past year - too many to list.
I am thankful for many answered prayers in 2009, I am grateful for our faith, our Church, our Church family, our health, our true friends, and on a lighter note I am thankful for my awesome "it" girl (you know who you are) who works at Neiman Marcus outlet and calls me when really good stuff comes in! Like the David Yurman Albion ring ($1,500. I got it for $108.) - check it out below - and the Mackenzie Childs - a teapot, large platter, two canisters and a cookie jar for 110. (no way... - yessss way!)

I welcome 2010 and I'm thankful to all my new friends in the blogsphere. I hope we can laugh together this year alot, and be here for each other when we need a shoulder to lean. I also pray big blessings for you and your families.
More soon~
Until then ...
All my best,