Sunday, October 31, 2010

More Etiquette Answers!

Transition! Transition! Transition!

After posting Southern Etiquette Rules I was bombarded with questions about transitional dress. If you live in the South you know the weather is warm sometimes through December. It is not rare to see walking-shorts being worn the week of Christmas. (however, may I remind you that last year we had snow in Dallas Christmas Day (first time in a very long time)
All Things Refined: Q and A -

  • Being a southern girl as you, I loved reading your Southern Rules of Etiquette!
 if you live in Florida where it is steaming hot up until November?! 
Do the rules for clothing change if you live in Florida? Thanks. HP Dear HP - I live in Dallas and I feel your pain. Just stay clear of linen and white clothes, bags and shoes and try to follow the traditional rules as best you can. Of course, just because it is fall - does not mean I'm going to start wearing suede and wool. It's just to hot! In a few months - the weather will change and southern ladies will enjoy our winter clothes. All my best, Joy

Joy, I am also a Southern girl and was just talking with women clients of mine about the rules we were taught on what to wear after Labor Day. I want you to know that I too was taught EVERY rule you have listed below.  I have two girls that I have tried to pass these rules too, however, they have only incorporated about 80% of them….something about the Texas heat. Signed, CB   
Dear CB - I agree, the rules can be confusing in the south because the weather is not consistent - alot of heat, and our cold weather sometime comes later in the season. Keep setting an example for them and it will become part of your legacy - a true southern woman! All my best, Joy

Hi Joy, What about a nice khaki suit in the South as late as October or early as Easter?  After all, it can still be warm and sunny down South. CDG
Dear CDG, Yes sir! It can be down right steamy in the south. It all depends on the color of the khaki, the weight of the fabric and the event you are attending. Do not wear it at night or to an important meeting - stick to a dark color. After Easter - you are good to go! All my best, Joy

Joy, My Southern mama says all your southern rules and two more. 1) Regarding trends that come back around, “If you are old enough to remember it, you are too old to wear it.” 2) About those bold prints like a leopard dress, wear it sparingly, VERY sparingly since it’s so noticeable – and memorable. Otherwise, people will say, “Oh, that again.” R
Dear R - I like your mama! She has excellent words of wisdom - I will be incorporating her tips in my Socially Savvy Dress for Success sessions. Give her my thanks and to you ... All my best, Joy

The weather is starting to change, but we are still going through transitional dress in Texas. The mornings can be cool, and the afternoons really HOT. This calls for layering. Great pieces for layering:
Light sweaters over shirts, scarves, vests, and leggings. Remember: it is all about the weight of the fabric! You can get away with wearing a light weight sweater dress. You can also wear a leather jacket if it is a light weight leather. Heavy wool  - not yet! Winter is coming and we will have time to wear our winter wardrobe.

Here's hoping you have had a super lovely weekend and to the best week ahead - ever!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

It's All About the Monogram!

 Here's an excellent etiquette question I received regarding monogramming.
JR asked: I have a question about monogrammed stationery, which initial do you use —your first name initial or your last name initial? 
Dear JR - there's not a rule when you are selecting pre-engraved or embossed stationery. I could choose J for my first name or W for my last name. If you are sending the note from your entire family - your last name initial would be best. 
More information on monogramming!
If you are engraving stationery or monogramming a shirt, bag or anything at all, the same rules apply when using your full initials. 
Thank you for your question and let the monogramming begin! 
The Basics - what I must know about monogramming!
  • If you want to use blocked letters in the monogram which are all the same size, your initials appear in order. JAW (these are my initials - Joy Ann Weaver - my husband says, this is God's sense of humor that my initials are JAW as in JAWS! 
  • If you choose a monogram that has a larger center initial, the initial representing your last name appears in the middle with the initial of your first name on the left and your middle name on your right. JWA
  • If you are using your first initial and your husband's too  - your first initials goes on the left and his on the right of your last name initial in the middle. JWJ (his name is James)
  • For a person with no middle initial, use a two letter monogram with both letters the same size. JW
  • For a person with two middle names, use a four letter monogram with all four letters the same size. Joy Ann Elizabeth Weaver would be monogrammed JAEW.
  • For last names with an apostrophe or "Mc" use the first letter of the last name. For O'Reilly, use "O" in the monogram or for McDowell, use "M".
  • For couples with a hyphenated last name, place the woman's first initial followed by the first letter of both last names slightly larger, and the man's first initial the same size as the woman's first initial.
Monogramming will always be in style and you must find a good monogrammer wherever you live. You can have almost anything monogrammed, whether with stitching, engraving or a peel-off sticker. Here's one of my favorite blogs and monogramming sites - enjoy!