Thursday, July 29, 2010

Handbag Etiquette

What you must know ...
Do you have “Purse-onality?” We have always heard, "you are what you eat” and "clothes make the woman,” but for “purse-driven” women there is nothing more accurate to say than ... “You are your handbag!”
Whether it is a tote, a shoulder bag, a handle bag, or a clutch, our handbags are a combination of form, function and fashion. Many do not know there are rules of etiquette to follow regarding your “purse-onality!
  • The difference in a handbag and a purse. (a purse is under $100.) Never go into Neiman Marcus and ask for their purse department - they don't have one!
  • Never place handbags on dining table or conference table. (huge faux pas)
  • Carry/hold your handbag on your left side. Leaving your right hand/arm available for socializing. (think of the Queen - she knows to carry her handbag on her left arm)
  • Place handbag on the right side of chair when seated in a restaurant. 
  • Never hang handbag over the back on your chair. 
  • Clutch should be placed in lap or in seat behind you. 
  • When to carry a clutch vs tote. A clutch is high maintenance and used for limited basics. Totes are many sizes and can also be used as briefcases. 
  • How to change bags quickly. Using the easy “Inner-Purse”
  • Keep handbags clean! (germ-free) Handbags/purses can be germ collectors - think of all the place they are set through-out the day. Depending on the material, use a bacterial wipe or spray. Some bags can be dry cleaned.
  • Never ask if someone’s handbag is real or how much it cost! 
Just adore this bag! The Tory Burch Reva in the brown reptile print! I bought it at the beginning of the summer and have enjoyed it until my recent aforementioned bag in my last blog. (what's up with the reptile theme?) More power over the reptile - I suppose.
(Pardon my red toes at the bottom of the picture - oops!)


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Shhh! Don't Tell My Husband

Power Over The Python!
If you know me, you know I'm cuckoo for cocoa puffs over handbags. Yes - I dream in handbags! I'll never have enough, but according to my darling JHW I have "way to many bags" - (oh quit cussing!) 
Poor thing - he had to have my closet extended last fall to accommodate all my babies.  He has also tried to shame me out of my lustfulness. Can you believe it? It will never work, actually, I believe handbags are biblical! Read Luke 12:33 (niv) ... provide purses for yourself that will not wear out ..."
How can you argue with that?!

Okay - now that I know you are onboard with me - I am going to share my latest secrets with you. Shhh - don't tell JHW!

First, I am NOT a snake person, in fact I HATE snakes, so to be dreamy over this bag was a big surprise to me. I HAD TO HAVE IT! Perhaps it is a feeling of "power over the python" that makes this bag so yummy. Go to Michael Kors and see for yourself - it is Python fabulous. 

Okay - so while I was at it, I decided to keep going with the whole "power over the python" defense explanation thing and take home a pair of python shoes too.
I love heels but, these Michael Kors pythons (kind of like driving shoes) are the coolest and beyond cushy. I don't want to take them off ... think I'll sleep in them tonight :) 
Oop! Gotta run...
This is our secret - SO SHHHH....  DO NOT TELL MY HUSBAND!
Love and hugs,

Monday, July 19, 2010

Michael Buble

In celebration of "The Coco's" birthday month - Gregory (her wonderful son) treated us (including Coco's sister, Regina) to almost everything on the menu at the W's trendy "Craft" restaurant, and .... floor passes to the coveted Michael Buble concert at the American Airlines Center in Dallas. It was nothing less than FABULOUS! 

I loved that Mr. Buble was sincerely grateful to his audience. He has spectacular manners, very charming, and extremely funny too. He won my heart with his sincerity and did I mention the boy has a set of pipes that did not need a microphone. Get this ... In his last song he put down the microphone and belted out the words so loudly -  I know everyone in the rafters and Oklahoma could hear him.

Dallas was his last stop on his "Crazy Love" tour and how did he know my favorite song of all was his last song - "Singing This Song for You." 

I will forever be a Michael Buble fan!
Thank you Gregory for a super perfect evening!

The best host in the world award goes to ...... Gregory! 
Thank you for allowing us to celebrate in COCO style! You made three women very happy and the memories with be with us forever.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Rocky Mountain High

Today I met a girl in Aspen who has lived here her entire life. She wants to move to Galveston, Texas - WHAT? I don't understand it! I get that she wants "the beach" but how could she leave this paradise.
Colorado - I love you!
God must have had a really fun time creating you.

Our Rocky Mountain High temperature almost reached 70 today.
Dallas, you will always be home to me - but I can see why Big D empties and heads to the Colorado hills. I'll promise to never get use to this beautiful scenery and perfect weather.

More later on the Aspen/Snowmass Village hometown 4th of July Parade.