Friday, February 25, 2011

A Tip for Placing Your Order

Are you tired of eating chicken breast? Here's a cute idea!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Etiquette Tips for Ladies

Money does not mean class!
Here are some basic tips a lady should remember on her Valentines date:
  • A lady will always be on time and will never hesitate to wait for a gentleman to pull out her chair or open a door for her. 
  • She will face the people who are already in their seats when she makes her way down the row in a crowded theater. A lady never forces others to stare at her backside. 
  • She won’t apply lipstick at the table—only in the powder room. 
  • If she must excuse herself from the dinner table, she simply says, “Excuse me.” No further details are necessary. (don't say - "I'm going to the ladies room and I'll be back back," ... because everyone knows where you are going and they know you'll be back!)
  • If she must bend over to pick up something, she always bends from the knees—and never sticks her behind in the air.
Stay tuned - you know there are more tips to follow.
Happy Valentines Day!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Work It Baby!

Welcome to February! Hopefully you are still working out at your local gym. Did you know that 17% of all those who sign up for a gym membership never go to the gym after they sign up - NOT good!

Discipline is doing what you don't want to do! Remember: Do it anyway!
Several posts back I asked you ~ What tips would you like to give the person working out next to you?

Here's your feedback of what NOT to do at the gym:

  • Going to the gym when you are sick. Ewww! There is no need to spread germs, especially in a place where people are trying to get healthy!
  • Not cleaning up after yourself. Towel off equipment before you leave, wipe up puddles you leave by the shower, toss disposable razors, and clean up any mess you make on the counters. 
  • Changing the channel. How rude to assume you are the only one watching the TV. Someone could be involved in a show. Always check with others first if you want to change the television channel. 
  • Hovering while someone is exercising. Don’t stand and stare at someone while you are waiting to use equipment he or she is using—just be patient. 
  • Using gym towels as Kleenex. Another big Ewwww! This should not have to be mentioned, but unfortunately, it must: tissues are for noses, towels are for bodies. Do not confuse the two.
Keep up the consistent work-outs ~ you will be glad you did it!