Monday, January 7, 2013

Finally, Downton Abbey III

Me too!

Downton Abbey Season III, is off to a wonderful start. Last nights premiere (finally shown in America) did not disappoint. I have waited and counted down the days, only to find out my third of six cooking class was changed to the evening of January 6th. What? No Way! (more on cooking class later!) Of course I DVR'ed D.A. and stayed up until 2:30am watching every detail. 

For those of you newcomers to the show - you must start with Season I and II to get caught up with characters and their history. 
You can go to YouTube and see every episode for free of as inexpensive as $1.99. (Do not pay more)
You can also rent on Netflix, Redbox and probably other outlets. 

I adore the protocol that goes along with the British traditions. 
Mary, my favorite character is all about making sure the English traditions are not left behind.
While her maternal Grandma-ma (Shirley McLaine) just arrived from progressive America and encourages cultural change. (Ms. McLaine you are a fabulous actress)

Don't forget to set your DVR for next week's show PBS on Sunday evening. You can also skip ahead and buy the entire Season III online. Season III has been aired already in Britain in the fall.
For more on English culture and traditions - here are two sites for a quick lesson.



Beverly Dillow said...

Hi Joy! I have been waiting for Season 3, too! I recorded last night since we were traveling. I am planning on watching later tonight. :) I found Season 1 and 2 at Sam's a while back and watched over a couple of weekends, I was so intrigued!

Splenderosa said...

Ahhhh, yes, Downton Abbey. What a wonderful experience this is.