Monday, November 23, 2009

Yellow House Red Door

Yellow House Red Door!
This is the name of our Colorado home, until I come up with another name. (of course, everything must have a name)

We arrived last Wednesday and each day has been more beautiful than the one before. Then ... last night it snowed! We woke up and everything was covered in white - but the slopes do not open until Thursday~

James and I are both Texas borned and raised, but we love Colorado. God must have had a really fun time when HE made this place. The mountain, trees, the snow, - amazingly beautiful!

Okay - I must show you the perfect color of red - Ralph Lauren's Chimaya Red. You must paint at least one room this color - it will make you and your home warm inside.

And if you are looking for green ... check out ryegrass green on the den wall - love, love it.

Happy Thanksgiving from two very thankful Texans who will have a white Thanksgiving thanks to the good Lord and the Rocky Mountains! xoJoy

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Anonymous said...

Hi Joy! I love the pictures of your home in Colorado! How fun is that?!