Saturday, November 28, 2009

Why send a written thank-you note?

A Written Thank-You Note!

It speaks volumes about you when a written thank-you note reaches your host/hostess. If you ate Thanksgiving at someone else's home you should write your host/hostess a note of appreciation. (immediately!) They will love you forever~

Send a note of gratitude! Always start with the words Thank-you. It only has to be a few sincere sentences. And remember: Never write on the back of the card. Plan your words in advance accord to the space on your card.

In addition, I hope you took a host/hostess gift (which is a thank-you gift) and attached a card. 
Remember, The host/hostess does not need to send you a thank-you note for the gift you gave to them - because it was a thank-you gift. (no need to send a thank-you for a thank-you)

Include your return address if it is not printed on your envelope and if case you have lost track - stamps are now .44 cents.

Dear (Host/Hostess Name)
Thank you for inviting me to your home for Thanksgiving dinner. It was absolutely delicious - every bite! I must get the pumpkin roll recipe from you soon. Have a wonderful Christmas season and I look forward to seeing you again soon.

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Nina P said...

Joy always has timely and important tips to help us do the every-day things right. Often times we commit faux pas because we don't know how it should be done. Keep up the good work, Joy!

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