Friday, November 6, 2009

My Neighbor Rosie ... The Great!

Several of Rosie's Fall Creations!

How can I explain Rosie? Okay - here's a start ... besides funny, charming, and a smile that lights up her face. She is an accomplished interior designer by trade, a gourmet cook, and an engaging storyteller. She is always ahead of the game - in fact, she has already served Thanksgiving Dinner at her place this year (Oct 24th) and we were invited!
Because some of her family members were going to be out of the country on Real Thanksgiving Day, Rosie decided to celebrate a month early. There were 10 of us who made the "A" list, and as her best friend Phyllis says, "When Rosie cooks, just drop all other plans and be there, because whatever she cooks is better than any restaurant." James and I agree!

The roast that was not meant to be!
On the heels of Rosie's fabulous Thanksgiving dinner. I decided to invited Rosie, Phyllis, her son Gregory and their adorable friend Christi who was in town from Colorado to reciprocate dinner on Monday. I put my roast on early and slow cooked it for 9 hours - it still was not done by 7pm! (may I remind you - roast is my speciality) I wanted to put my best foot forward for my neighbors especially the gourmet cook - you know who ... Rosie!

Never let them see you sweat!
My guest were arriving and my roast was still not ready! That's when I grabbed my handbag, jumped in the car and and raced to EATZIS! Thank the Lord for EATZIS! We ended up having delicious pork tenderloin with the vegetables that were to be eaten with "the roast that was not meant to be!" Oh yes, and perhaps the best part of dinner (favorite part) was the dessert. Pumpkin Roll. Will post the recipe soon.

By the way - I cooked "the roast" for another nine hours - no luck - still not done! I think I bought a rubber roast:)

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