Sunday, March 7, 2010

Socially Savvy Sunday Presents - The Red Carpet Rules!

The Envelope Please!
Tonight is the biggest night of the year for the glamorous movie industry. They know how to "act", but do they know how to navigate the red carpet? Whether you are a super star on the big screen, or in your own corporate arena - here are red-carpet rules we need to remember:
“Red Carpet” Rules
Company Awards Ceremonies and Social Events

It is that time of year again when we attend important award ceremonies. And whether we are attending the Academy Award ceremony or our annual company awards event we should be prepared and equipped to handle ourselves in a five star manner.

1. Wear a dress (or tux) and shoes you feel confident and at ease in. Make sure you can walk up stairs in your attire and remember (women) if you can look down and see cleavage so can everyone else! Also, no tugging at your clothes.

2. Always be prepared with an acceptance speech and a sincere toast. You never know when you will be asked to give one or the other. Remember the three B’s (Begin, Be Brief, Be Seated) A long speech is boring and leaves many opportunities for error. Why risk it?  Oh yes, and remember do not take your purse or handbag with you on stage, leave it in your seat at your table – never on the tabletop on swinging off the back of your chair!

3. Do not applaud for yourself if you win an award. If you win an award or for any reason find yourself being applauded – DO NOT give into the urge to join in on the clapping. It will appear that you are applauding yourself. Simply smile and nod, and say “thank you.”

4. If the award does not go to you – smile anyway! If you do not win the award you expected, never speak words of disappointment (lips can be read) smile anyway, and speak only words of kindness.

5. Avoid first dates at pressure events. First dates are frighten enough – why add the additional social pressure by taking a first date to an important company ceremony.

6. Properly excuse yourself and go to the powder room before (or after) the big awards presentation. You do not want your name to be called while you are away from the table. “And the winner is” … no where to be found.

7. Do not groom at the table. All grooming (even lipstick application) is reserved for the powder room. (Remember, no chewing gum only breath mints)

8. DO NOT talk on the cell phone at the ceremony. By all means – put your phone on manner mode! And put away the Blackberry too, it is only for a few hours.

9. Photos with approval only. Pictures are fun - but always ask for permission before snapping a shot.

10. Do not stress-out if someone is wearing your same dress. Simply compliment their taste and move on.

Bonus tip: Refrain from indulging in one more drink to calm your nerves in case you win the big award. Before you know it you can’t remember your name and end up embarrassing yourself and everyone else. There is nothing good that comes from intoxication.

Now that we are polished - we will be watching the big stars tonight to see who is socially savvy at The Oscars Award Ceremony!


Miss Janice said...

I'm watching the awards right now and have enjoyed your list!

Beverly Dillow said...

Great post!
I get tickled when I see women and young girls wearing a strapless dress and they pull up on it with both hands and shimmy it up. :) I've seen it at weddings too with brides and bridesmaids. One of the several reasons I'm not fond of strapless gowns and tops.
Your blog is so fun to read! Thanks!

Sara said...

I appreciated this list. Fabulous post! Thank you for sharing!