Saturday, March 20, 2010

It's beautiful!

I love the snow - the kind that gracefully falls with no wind and no ice - the kind we got in Dallas for Christmas Day. The Colorado snow is beautiful. You gotta love the weather here. The sun was shining bright yesterday, not a cloud in the sky - the most perfect day for skiing, and boy am I glad we did because we woke up this morning to a white-out! Perfect thick snowflakes falling all day - over 12 inches. In Texas, that's a lot, in Colorado, it's the norm. 
My precious husband spent two days shoveling snow off the patio (see yellow house not much snow!) Good Job Honey! 
 Until today - we got it all back. That should keep him busy for a while!

Owl Creek in the Fall  
Owl Creek Today!

Hang-in there horses - spring is right around the corner!



Traci said...

I love those pics!! We got snow in Dallas where we are visiting and back home, too. Where do you live?

Traci said...

Just saw that you are in Dallas! I love your house!!

Kellie Collis said...

Ah and its getting colder in Sydney!! x