Sunday, March 28, 2010

Louis Vuitton ... Cake!

Happy Birthday to my BFF - Katherine!
Her neighborhood girlfriends took her out for an overnight stay at Hotel ZaZa and I can only imagine the fun they had Friday night.
To begin, they presented her with this fabulous Monogram Multicolore Louis Vuitton CAKE - yes, I said Cake. It looks very real. Of course she and I both dream in handbags - she sent me a picture immediately ... here it is~

Etiquette Question: You do know the difference between a handbag and a purse? Okay, if not - here goes ... The difference is a purse costs less than $100. and a handbag is over $100. - now  you know!  In case you are ever on a game show and they ask you this question - you will win the money! 
Remember: You should never walk into Neiman Marcus and ask for their purse department  ... they don't have one!

Back to "The Cake" - I'll never get over it - will you?  Hey, it's the perfect handbag - you can carry it and eat it too:) (just joking!)
Dilemma :This Friday is Katherine's actual birthday - a biggie for her - 40, and we are going out for lunch to celebrate. How will I ever think of something this clever - any ideas? Please bring on the fun, clever ideas.

In case you are wondering - I found out the neighborhood girls ordered this beautiful cake from 
Delicious Cakes of Dallas.

For all of you fabulous friends that dreams in handbags too - sweet dreams tonight!


Beverly Dillow said...

Love that cake! What precious friends she has! I thought of your gift for her.....the real thing. :) A handbag filled with all kinds of fun stuff. Or a purse will do also. :) Have fun!

Julie (brown eyed belle) said...

I tagged you today!! xoxo

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