Monday, March 1, 2010

Must-Have Monday

It's a matter of the HEART!

It's called the Aspirinpod and everyone must have one - at least one. They are selling off the shelves because statistics show that a live can be saved if you chew an aspirin at the first sign of a heart attack. This little anatomical heart holds one big aspirin or four baby aspirin and attaches to anything ... handbag, wallet, gym bag, key chain, yoga gear, golf bag, backpack, and the list is endless.

If you ask a room full of people who has been affected in someway by heart disease (themselves, family or friends) - everyone will raise their hand. If you ask who has an aspirin with them - most can search in their handbag and find a Tylenol or Advil but very, very few people carry aspirins. 
But, now because of the Aspirinpod we can all have an aspirin on us at all times. We must be prepared - it can mean survival of a loved one or our own life. 

You can purchase them online at or ask for them at your local pharmacy.


Danielle said...

I feel like the Universe is sending me a message. This is the third thing I've written in the past week regarding heart attacks. Thank you for the reminder, I think. Now I'm a little paranoid....:)

Sara said...

Love your blog. I left you a little award on my blog! Thanks for making me smile!

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