Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Welcome 2010!
2009 is behind us, but will not soon be forgotten. It was a year of high highs, and very low lows.
To name a few highs: (most are mentioned in previous blogs)
Meeting my childhood dreamboat Donny Osmond in person in Vegas and hanging out back stage with him, and his beautiful and very funny sister - Marie. 
My BFF had a precious baby boy - Mikhael James (see photo)

Volunteer work with Council For Life with an amazing team of women planning our Oct. 5K Run of which I was very honored to be the Honorary Chair.
I got a new red mercedes and was thrilled with the purchase of our vacation dream home in Colorado and complete decor redo by KBM Design. (Sweeet!)
Travel to various cities all over the U.S. with my business and my husbands business.
Fabulous Clients - including a new and unique one -The US Army (yes, you read that correctly)
I was also thrilled to receive excellent media exposure in my business including an Associated Press article that circulated from coast to coast and one particular story NBC aired for me this fall on  H1N1 Flu Etiquette that was picked up by other stations including The Weather Channel (they show news too!) and Tulimundo.

Some very low lows:
My precious friend Amy Jones lost her life to cancer within 3 short months, (see her beautiful picture). My husband's sister lost her life to cancer, my husband's mentor at 48 years of age diagnosed in Sept with stage 4 cancer, my husband's mother fell fracturing her pelvis in 4 places, and drumroll please .... my husband's best friend betraying him and oh the heartbreak/pain it has caused us. (good riddance 2009!) 
Thankful for many, many things this past year - too many to list.
I am thankful for many answered prayers in 2009, I am grateful for our faith, our Church, our Church family, our health, our true friends, and on a lighter note I am thankful for my awesome "it" girl (you know who you are) who works at Neiman Marcus outlet and calls me when really good stuff comes in! Like the David Yurman Albion ring ($1,500. I got it for $108.) - check it out below - and the Mackenzie Childs - a teapot, large platter, two canisters and a cookie jar for 110. (no way... - yessss way!)

I welcome 2010 and I'm thankful to all my new friends in the blogsphere. I hope we can laugh together this year alot, and be here for each other when we need a shoulder to lean. I also pray big blessings for you and your families.
More soon~
Until then ...
All my best,


EntertainingMom said...

Ugh, I am so sorry for your losses. My sister in law is battling Ovarian cancer. She was dxd 6 years ago, stage 3c and given a 15% chance to live 5 years. She has but now she is declining rapidly -- before our eyes. At this point it is just a matter of time, months really? She will be 48 in July. Cancer is a terrible disease.

LaurenFaythe said...

I'm so sorry for all the sorrow in 2009....

Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment on my blog - I enjoy meeting new bloggers! I will have to go back and read some more of your blog - that's awesome about your place here in Colorado. I love it here!


LPC said...

Happy New Year! Congratulations on your successes, and at the same time, so sorry for your losses.