Tuesday, December 29, 2009

All Things Kitchen!

Oh Santa how I love you!
This year Santa brought me really fun gifts for my kitchen (see I told you I had been extra good this year!)
I have been wanting a Jack LaLanne juicer every since I heard a certain superstar say it is her favorite thing and she can't live without it. I will have to say ... I ADORE IT too! It's super fast and the juice is delicious~

I am a late night baker - cookies, cakes, pies - you name it ... and now I have a big red KitchenAid mixer to mix it up late at night. Thank you Santa!

If you want to know "what the pros know" about baking, get this book. There is more information in this book about baking than any one person could absorb. The ART & SOUL of BAKING.

My favorite kitchen store - you name it, they have it - including fun cooking lessons! Check it out~


Beverly Dillow said...

I love Sur la Table! I get their catalog and then when I'm in Frisco, I always stop at the store! We are twinkies, I have a red mixer too. Yay! Don't you love it?! Happy New Year!!!!

Anonymous said...

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EntertainingMom said...

Love Sur La Table... wish we had one for us. Your big Red Mixer is to die for! I have a white one, seems pale by comparison ;) I do use it ALL the time though!

Cindy H said...

Everyone who likes or visits Sur La Table is a plus for us!☺ We supply them with Brown Sugar Savers and Pot Minders.
A couple years ago while visiting my sister, I was able to go into the San Francisco store. Loved it.
Thanks for your blog!