Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Big White Elephant ...

How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time! 
I felt like I had eaten an elephant after our year-end Bible Study Christmas party today - delicious food ... beyond. Who made the little toffee brownies with chocolate chips? I should have lined my pockets with foil and stuffed them full!
After the buffet soiree - it was onto the "white elephant" gift exchange. Uh - warning ~ Danger Zone! Especially when you have 25 women who bring good stuff like fabulous Christmas ornaments, double wrap cozy comforters, home-made candy, and (drum-roll please!) a coveted long red "Cookin' Claus" apron ... that I actually had in my hot little hands until Irene decided she needed it. I ended up with the plug-in "Scentsy Warmer" (huh?) with "holiday kiss" cinnamon scent. Will let you know if it really works - if so, the "Scentsy Warmer" could be the next "go-to" gift that everyone on my list receives - :)
Okay, a big shout-out to Mona for opening her beautiful home to our loud group of "sistas" as Leona would say.

Me with my take home gift ~ the infamous ... Scentsy Warmer~

Merry Christmas to all, ... and to Irene - I hope you are enjoying your new long red "Cookin' Claus" apron. It sure looked cute on you~


eicctang said...

Dear Joy,
I hope you accept my apologies for taking the infamous Cookin Claus apron! Actually, I was thinking of it for my daughter when she comes home from college because she is always so eager to "help" her mother out!

I must say it looked adorable on you and if you are really missing it, let me know as I will try to find you one at Steinmart,so I am told!

I had no idea until now that you are THE Joy Weaver who wrote my copy of Socially Savvy! It is a wonderful book, and I especially enjoyed sharing with my daughters to read. However, I don't recall reading what the etiquette is on how to apologize to a friend after a gift exchange party!

You are so gracious and certainly as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside.

Merry Christmas blessings to you Joy! In Christ's love and grace, Irene

Beverly Dillow said...

That is too funny! I don't do good at those things, because I get so excited about a gift and then it is taken away!

I went to one and I got the cutest pig cookie jar, was taken. It became a joke after that and went back and forth for a while after the party. She left it on my porch and then I took it back to her. I couldn't enjoy the pig cookie jar at all knowing she loved it too.

I normally don't get into pigs, but this was really cute, had a tutu and everything. It doesn't match my decor either. :)

Love you!!!