Friday, January 8, 2010

More "WORDS"

My e-mail is flooding with "Words" ...
Words that depict individual mottos for the Socially Savvy who subscribes to the Tip of the Week, or of course anyone who reads this blog is welcome to leave your Word too.
As you can see I started posting yesterday and will continue until the last words is received. Each one is an inspiration to me and many include stories and reasons the word was selected. 
I will respond back to each of you personally and I want you to know my responses might be short because I am traveling now and will be using the trusty iPhone for emails and blogging until Wednesday the 13th.

Read and be inspired ...

I love this idea and find it as a very inspiring way to start my year off.
My word is “Celebrate”.  To “celebrate” the word of the Lord and the times spent with my loving husband and my children.  To “celebrate” the great life that I have been given and the opportunities I am faced with. There are some many other things that I have to “Celebrate” and I am so happy to “CELBERATE” in 2010!! 

Sometimes we tend to get lost with all our job duties that we forget to breathe. "Breathe" to me not only gives us oxygen to sustain life but it's a word that keeps me centered and present with each moment in front of me --ultimately keeping me close to God and the divine power within. Sometimes, it's one breath at a time. The more I "breathe" the more peaceful I am.

My word is Inpspiration!  I want to be an inspiration to others and be around those that inspire me to be the best I can be.

My word is "truth" 
Facing the truth about all situations. My lack of repentance in taking care of God's temple, my body. My constant tardiness and how it affects and discourages others. Teaching others about God's truth and His Son's salvation. A lot of times I come to a screeching halt when I read one of my favorite scriptures which is in Philippians 4:8 "whatever is true...think about such things..." Am I loving, or forgiving in a Godly way? Am I truly glorifying God with my life? Every day, every minute we make decisions, will I see what's before me with God's eyes, with truth or with the enemy's eyes and be deceived? 

I feel quite challenged by this mail and thought within me that which word will help me to have all things i have in mind and all around in view and came up with....
 I intend to Focus more on HIM(CHRIST) for all. Focus on people and things around me. Focus on events as we are in the end times and so on .....


"Move" - My professional job is a recruiter.  I want to move people to my way of thinking.  I want specific people to move to my institution.  And, the sheer nature of my job requires me to be physically "moving" from location to location, frequently, almost daily.  As a Christian, I'm challenging myself to move more non-Christians to know Christ as their personal Savior.  Christians are Commissioned to move people to Christ.  Our testimonies are critical.  Our delivery of The Good News must spiritually "move" a lost soul to takes those first steps in a wonderful journey.  Thanks for the challenge this morning,   

More tomorrow~

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