Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Socially Savvy Lady Knows ...

How can I be socially savvy? Can anyone have class or good manners? These are frequently asked questions. The answer is: It’s a matter of the heart and common sense. When the two come together something wonderful happens. The rules of etiquette are learned and good manners come from the heart. Since a socially savvy lady and gentleman must always be on their best behavior, I have listed excellent and easy etiquette tips in order to be socially savvy in social situations.

The socially savvy lady knows:

·      She puts her cell phone on manner mode and keeps it in her handbag on a date. She looks at her watch to tell time – not her cell phone so as not to appear to be taking a quick check of her text messages.
·      Never hesitates to wait for a gentleman to pull out the chair or open a door.
·      She may allow her date to order for her, but it is perfectly acceptable to order for herself.
·      If she must bend over to pick up something, she bends from the knees—never sticking her “behind” in the air.
·      She never points with her dining utensils, and blots her lipstick in order not to stain the napkin or smear it on the crystal.
·      If she must excuse herself from the dinner table to visit the lady’s room, she simply says, “Excuse me.” No further details are necessary.
·      A classy lady wears clothes that are not so revealing that they embarrass others. And if she is unsure how to dress for a party, she knows to simply ask the host.
·      She never places items, such as sunglasses, keys, a portfolio, or her cell phone on the table when dining. Items as such belong on in her bag. Her handbag belongs down to the side of her seat, or, for a small clutch or crystal embellished stone bag, by all means, she keeps it in her lap.
·      She sits facing away from the front door of a restaurant, with the exception of wall seating when her date sits in the chair facing the wall and the lady sits against the wall facing out.
·      When making her way down a row in a crowded theater, she faces the people who are already in their seats—she never forces others to stare at her backside as she makes her way down the row. 
And coming up - tips for the Socially Savvy guy.
Until then ...


Beverly Dillow said...

I always love reading your tips. Good reminders. I still can't get used to the passing in aisle facing people. I've been doing it wrong for so many years. I've started trying. Awkward when not much room and people stand.....such as church pews. :0

Screen Door Prep said...

Thank you for great reminders! It always amazes me how often some of the most basic manners are forgotten today.