Thursday, February 16, 2012

Every Lady Loves A Gentleman

Every socially savvy gentleman knows the following tips:

·       He asks for a date by calling or asking in person if at all possible.
·       He always opens doors for ladies - this is still the proper thing to do.
·       He goes first in a revolving door, so he can push it for his date.
·       He walks on the side of the street. (Chivalry is not dead!)
·       He never hesitates to pull out a chair for a lady.
·       He stands when being introduced and remains standing until his lady is seated.
·       He knows that his date always sits to his right, unless sitting in wall & booth seating.
·       If he extends the invitation—he pays! (And in any cases he offers to pay.)
·       His eyes are always on his date. He never allows his eyes to stray to other women or to the television on the wall behind her head.
·       His cell phone is always on manner mode, and he would never carry on a cell phone conversation in a public place or check his email message at the dining table.
·       A sophisticated man knows about the BMW. (the BMW’s of dining) Bread on left, Meal in center, Water on right
·       He NEVER uses a toothpick or chews gum.
·       He recognizes that “Being a gentleman” overrules all other rules!


Screen Door Prep said...

Thank you for reminding me what a blessing it is that I have a husband who is a true gentleman! =)

The enchanted home said...

Love this. We all need to remind ourselves to make sure we raise a society of gentleman, I know I am doing my share by trying my darnest to raise gentlemen in my three sons:) Its a beautiful thing to see a man who is still chivalrous!

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