Thursday, December 29, 2011

Host/Hostess Etiquette Tips

This is the week for dinner parties - be prepared with simple hosting tips.
For the host/hostess:
·       Warmly welcome each guest at the door—the welcome sets the tone for the entire night. Also remember to walk each guest to the front door to say farewell at the end of the night . Very important!
·      Make proper introductions. Prepare in advance - know how to create common ground between guests. 
·      The host and hostess sit on opposite ends of the table, or across from each other at a round table.
·       Seat the guest of honor (should you have one) to sit to your right. 
·      Take into consideration each guest’s personality so the conversations will flow. In other words, do not seat two introverts side by side, and you should not put two drama queens together.
·      Also, remember to seat your guests male/female and to seat couples apart.
·      Place cards are appropriate so your guest knows where to sit, or verbally tell each guest their designated seat.
·      The host/hostess should remember not to open hostess gifts in the presence of company (also, you are not required to send a thank-you note for this gift)

Happy Hosting!

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Beverly Dillow said...

I love your tips! Thank you. I love going to your blog for all your tips plus I like going to your blog roll and reading the blogs that you read! So fun! Happy New Year! :)