Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dinner Party Etiquette

Socially Savvy Tips: What you must remember when you are invited to a Christmas or holiday dinner party?
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For the invited guest:    
BE ON TIME! It is a huge faux pas to be late for a dinner party; however, if you have an emergency, call immediately to let the host/hostess know you will be late.

Bring a host/hostess gift. (Do not bring flowers unless they are in a vase.) This is a small token of appreciation for the time and effort of hosting the party.

 Everyone—turn your cell phone on manner mode. 

Do not start to eat until everyone has been served and your host or hostess
picks up his or her first utensil.

Do not dominate the conversation(s) at the dining table. Allow others to talk, too! 

Make it a point to talk to the person on each side of you for the same amount of time.

Compliment the host/hostess on the food. (Don’t go overboard—your compliments will
sound insincere!)

Pace yourself—never eat faster or slower than everyone else.

 Never eat and run; stay to visit after the meal.

 Remember, if you must drink—know your limit on alcohol and do not go over it.

Write a thank-you note to the host/hostess immediately afterwards.

Perhaps you are the hostess -  your tips are up next! 
Merry Christmas! xoJoy

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