Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tis the Season for Socializing!

Etiquette Tips for Christmas Parties - The Socializing Season
The following tips are basic but easy to overlook. 
Remember to adhere to these tips both personally and professionally during the holiday season. 
1. Always err on the side of being conservative, especially when it comes to: a. Drinking b. Dressing c. Gift-giving  Being excessive and extreme with any of these can cause you
much embarrassment.

2. You must attend your company Christmas party. This is a “must
attend” event and can be a career-killer if you decide not to
go—this shows disrespect for your company, supervisors, and

3. Thank the host/hostess for the party by: a. Bringing a gift to the host/hostess to  show
 your appreciation.
b. Thanking the host/hostess before you leave
 the party.
c. Sending a thank-you note afterwards.

4. Give gifts that honor the recipients. Know their taste and always
give a well-thought-out gift.

5. When uncertain, call to confirm the proper “holiday attire.” This
term can have various meanings to different people. It could
mean anything from a sweater to holiday sequins.  

Five tips today and five more to follow...
Merry Christmas - 10 more days ...

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