Friday, December 17, 2010

Tis the Season for Socializing-Part Two

Etiquette Tips for Christmas Parties - The Socializing Season (Part Two)
In my last post I gave you five basic tips for success when invited and attending a party. Here are five more tips to help you feel polished for your next party.

  •  RSVP/ASAP—Always respond within a few days of receiving an invitation. The host/hostess needs to know how many people will attend in order to plan the party. And never say ... "I am calling to RSVP" - say, "I am calling to respond to the invitation to your party."
  • Please keep your cell phone on manner mode at holiday parties.  It is not impressive to “cell yell” over the crowd. If you must talk on your phone—go somewhere private.
  • Maintain a balanced conversation. Refrain from boring “business talk” or too much “kid talk.”
  • Prioritize socializing at holiday parties, instead of just eating and drinking.
  • Attempt to send a thank-you note for gifts within the first week if possible. However, thank-you notes are always better late than never! 
Party on!

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Ky said...

This list should be posted on a billboard somewhere. Honestly, where have manners run away to these days?