Thursday, July 29, 2010

Handbag Etiquette

What you must know ...
Do you have “Purse-onality?” We have always heard, "you are what you eat” and "clothes make the woman,” but for “purse-driven” women there is nothing more accurate to say than ... “You are your handbag!”
Whether it is a tote, a shoulder bag, a handle bag, or a clutch, our handbags are a combination of form, function and fashion. Many do not know there are rules of etiquette to follow regarding your “purse-onality!
  • The difference in a handbag and a purse. (a purse is under $100.) Never go into Neiman Marcus and ask for their purse department - they don't have one!
  • Never place handbags on dining table or conference table. (huge faux pas)
  • Carry/hold your handbag on your left side. Leaving your right hand/arm available for socializing. (think of the Queen - she knows to carry her handbag on her left arm)
  • Place handbag on the right side of chair when seated in a restaurant. 
  • Never hang handbag over the back on your chair. 
  • Clutch should be placed in lap or in seat behind you. 
  • When to carry a clutch vs tote. A clutch is high maintenance and used for limited basics. Totes are many sizes and can also be used as briefcases. 
  • How to change bags quickly. Using the easy “Inner-Purse”
  • Keep handbags clean! (germ-free) Handbags/purses can be germ collectors - think of all the place they are set through-out the day. Depending on the material, use a bacterial wipe or spray. Some bags can be dry cleaned.
  • Never ask if someone’s handbag is real or how much it cost! 
Just adore this bag! The Tory Burch Reva in the brown reptile print! I bought it at the beginning of the summer and have enjoyed it until my recent aforementioned bag in my last blog. (what's up with the reptile theme?) More power over the reptile - I suppose.
(Pardon my red toes at the bottom of the picture - oops!)



Jill said...

What a cute post! Thanks for the great tips on handbags vs. purses. I definitely learned a few things. I always put my handbag or purse on the conference room table. :) Opps!

Kellie Collis said...

Goodness me - so much handbag etiquette! I have learnt some things xx

Bama Girl said...

Oh my goodness! I am soooo glad to see your comment about purse (less than $100) vs. handbag (over $100). I have been preaching this for YEARS to anyone who will listen! :-) Love your blog! From your newest follower, Shopaholic In Alabama! XOXO

Jenn @ Casa de Castro said...

Love it! Didn't know I'm not supposed to hang my handbag/purse on the back of my chair, but I do now!

Do you use the "Inner Purse" system? That looks interesting. I'd love to know what you think about it.


Beverly Dillow said...

Love this and all of your posts! :)

I have been using my Inner Purse system since the day I bought it when we went shopping in Dallas a couple of years ago. Love it!

Genuine Lustre said...

Thank you. I think I knew all these things at one time, but reminders are always good.
My mother always called it her "pocketbook."

Genuine Lustre said...

Thank you. I think I knew all these things at one time, but reminders are always good.
My mother always called it her "pocketbook."