Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Memorial Day Manners

 Memorial Day Manners
a.k.a ... BBQ Etiquette
For Host:
  • Be prepared – weather can change in a flash. Be prepared to head indoors.
  • Have supplies you need ready – don’t be running out for charcoal when guests arrive.
  • If cookout starts at 6pm – have some BBQ ready for tasting. Your guest will arrive hungry.
  • A successful BBQ must have real side dishes – potato chips do not count!
  • Use real plates or sturdy paper plates. Have plenty of napkins available.
  • The cook is king: Do try to tell the cook how to BBQ – you will not be invited back!

For Guest:
  • A hostess gift is still expected.
  • Wear jeans, shorts or something comfortable.
  • Put away your phone/text toy – free yourself for a few hours!
  • Include children only if they are invited. If so, prepare them before hand on rules of outdoor (swimming pool & playing) behavior.
  • If you are asked to bring a side-dish, make sure it is homemade or at least semi-homemade.
  • Be on time and go home at designated time.
  • Ask to assist with duties – don’t insist.
  • Leave the food your brought (or at least offer)
  • Don’t ask to pack up leftovers for your entire family.
  • Write a thank-you note to your host/hostess.

Bonus tip:
Refrain from using toothpicks - they are still not acceptable, even at a BBQ.

Memorial Day weekend is coming up - so, what are your plans?

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The enchanted home said...

Hi new to your blog...great post! I love all these tips, they make such perfect sense but are great reminders. I love the use of real plates, never telling the bbq king how to cook, be on time and writing a thank you(always a big one for me)
Terrific post..will be back!
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