Friday, April 1, 2011

BFF's Birthday

When it's Katherine's birthday - We all have fun!
Gifts, Cake, Flowers, Cookies, Pedicures and Lunch at Jasper's.
Our lunch bunch celebrated a day early (her birthday is tomorrow) to get the Birthday Month rolling. 
A super adorable and delicious Coco Chanel handbag cake from The Tart Bakery in Dallas.
The Lunch Bunch
Joy, Paige, Birthday Girl - Katherine, Peggy, Coco and Charlotte
Jasper's private glass wall room - beautiful!
Pedi's - at Celebrity Nails!

The best of friends love time together - doing everything or nothing at all.  
I must know - what do you and your BFF's do for a good time?


WhatMissLoves said...

That all sounds like so much fun! My BFF and I love to have girly TV show night. It's all about watching our favorite chick shows, catching up, and lots of giggling!

Have a great weekend!

Elizabeth Ann (Elizabeth Ann's Recipe Box said...

What a GREAT cake! :-) We LOVE going to the nail salon together! :-)