Monday, February 14, 2011

Etiquette Tips for Ladies

Money does not mean class!
Here are some basic tips a lady should remember on her Valentines date:
  • A lady will always be on time and will never hesitate to wait for a gentleman to pull out her chair or open a door for her. 
  • She will face the people who are already in their seats when she makes her way down the row in a crowded theater. A lady never forces others to stare at her backside. 
  • She won’t apply lipstick at the table—only in the powder room. 
  • If she must excuse herself from the dinner table, she simply says, “Excuse me.” No further details are necessary. (don't say - "I'm going to the ladies room and I'll be back back," ... because everyone knows where you are going and they know you'll be back!)
  • If she must bend over to pick up something, she always bends from the knees—and never sticks her behind in the air.
Stay tuned - you know there are more tips to follow.
Happy Valentines Day!


Vanessa@Luxuria said...

Lovely tips. I am guilty of the lipstick faux pas (but only when with girlfriends, and in an informal setting). Guilty nonetheless!

Beverly Dillow said...

Thank you for the reminders.
I did not know that when walking down an aisle that you face the people as you pass. All these years, I have been doing it wrong. How embarrassing! :) I will do it the right way next time.
Question...what if the person stands up because the aisle is so narrow and then you are face to face with them....eeekkkss!

WhatMissLoves said...

Love the tips, keep them coming! Do you have any etiquette books that you'd suggest? Hope you can follow my blog as well!