Saturday, January 8, 2011

Workout Etiquette

Happy 2011!
We are one week into the New Year. If your goal this year is to tone-up - JUST DO IT! Keep it going all year long - WORK IT BABY!

If you are working out in a gym then you already know when lots of people gather together in the same facility to workout, many basic courtesies are overlooked.
Here's what NOT to do ....
Faux Pas

  • Monopolizing the equipment. Be mindful of people waiting to use the equipment you are using. 
  • Do not use more than one piece of equipment at a time, and do not sit on the weight machine between sets if others are waiting to use it. 
  • Also, limit length of time on cardio equipment if there are people waiting. 
  • Leaving weights on equipment. 
  • Be sure to put your weights up after you use a machine, and put away all equipment you used in a class (steps, bands, weights, or towels, for example). 
  • Saving equipment for others. Reserving equipment (such as treadmills or bikes in spin class) for friends is a definite faux pas! First come, first served! 
  • Going the wrong way or in the wrong lane on the track. Walkers should take the inside lane and runners should stay to the out- side. Always pay attention to direction signs on the track, or if no signs are posted, go in the same direction as the rest of the people on the track. 
  • Doing the “cell yell” while working out. No matter where you are—restaurant, bus, or gym—talking loudly into your cell phone is rude and disturbing to people around you.
Do tell - what tips would you like to give the person working out next to you?
More tips to come!


Vanessa@Luxuria said...

In Spain and the UK we have to put a towel on any piece of equipment we are using for hygiene purposes (thank God!); apart from treadmill or step machines.But anything else that has part of our body on it, must be on a towel. Not sure if you have to do the same in the US.

Doodle Bugs Paper said...

Wipe your sweat up.. its just gross to work out after someone that left a machine dripping wet!!

Thankfully my gym is pretty quite and has the same crowd in the mornings when I am there so we are used to each other..

Beth Dunn said...

excessive sweaters are a pet peeve of mine, but it isn't really etiquette


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