Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Host and Hostess Etiquette

Photo from Spenderosa
Company is Coming!
The holidays are here, and we must put on our best host and hostess hat! Get busy now and determine details with your upcoming holiday houseguests so there are no surprises.
Be the perfect host and hostess when you have over-night guests. 
  • Before guests arrive, set expectations on details such as length of stay, daily routine, pets, eating habits, allergies, parking, etc.
  • Always have the guest room perfect when your guests arrive. Fresh flowers, chocolates, water, new magazines, books, stationery, towels and all toiletries they could ask for while visiting.
  • Let your guest know when meals will be served, and provide details on any meals that will be eaten out.
  • Show your guest around your home and be sure to include information and locations on snacks and drinks, extra blankets and towels, and all electronics including intrusion alarms, WIFI #'s, and remote controls.
  • Find out what your guests would like to do while visiting, and plan activities with their input.
  • Make sure your guests have a key or access to your home so they can come and go as they wish if they are going to be with you for an extended stay.
  • Discuss transportation needs with your guests, and provide a map of the city with points of interest shown.
  • Make sure your guests have privacy and time to themselves.
  • Most importantly—make your guests feel at home. Remember to treat them the way you would want to be treated.
Coming up on the next All Things Refined post - how to be a wonderful houseguest~
Until then ... happy hosting!

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Debbie said...

Wonderful advise here! I would have to say I am good host! I get company often for many many years now, I know the gig and I do it well. I love it, so that is half the battle I think, people can feel the vibe. Thanks for stopping over. Hope to see you again soon, I have been working on my mantel all day.