Saturday, October 16, 2010

It's All About the Monogram!

 Here's an excellent etiquette question I received regarding monogramming.
JR asked: I have a question about monogrammed stationery, which initial do you use —your first name initial or your last name initial? 
Dear JR - there's not a rule when you are selecting pre-engraved or embossed stationery. I could choose J for my first name or W for my last name. If you are sending the note from your entire family - your last name initial would be best. 
More information on monogramming!
If you are engraving stationery or monogramming a shirt, bag or anything at all, the same rules apply when using your full initials. 
Thank you for your question and let the monogramming begin! 
The Basics - what I must know about monogramming!
  • If you want to use blocked letters in the monogram which are all the same size, your initials appear in order. JAW (these are my initials - Joy Ann Weaver - my husband says, this is God's sense of humor that my initials are JAW as in JAWS! 
  • If you choose a monogram that has a larger center initial, the initial representing your last name appears in the middle with the initial of your first name on the left and your middle name on your right. JWA
  • If you are using your first initial and your husband's too  - your first initials goes on the left and his on the right of your last name initial in the middle. JWJ (his name is James)
  • For a person with no middle initial, use a two letter monogram with both letters the same size. JW
  • For a person with two middle names, use a four letter monogram with all four letters the same size. Joy Ann Elizabeth Weaver would be monogrammed JAEW.
  • For last names with an apostrophe or "Mc" use the first letter of the last name. For O'Reilly, use "O" in the monogram or for McDowell, use "M".
  • For couples with a hyphenated last name, place the woman's first initial followed by the first letter of both last names slightly larger, and the man's first initial the same size as the woman's first initial.
Monogramming will always be in style and you must find a good monogrammer wherever you live. You can have almost anything monogrammed, whether with stitching, engraving or a peel-off sticker. Here's one of my favorite blogs and monogramming sites - enjoy!

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