Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The State Fair of Texas

Howdy! I'm BIG TEX!

If you've ever been to the State Fair of Texas - you know Howdy - I'm Big Tex! is his key phrase and always has been!
Today was the perfect State Fair day. Not too hot, not too cold ... but just right. My husband only agrees to attend because of the Fletcher's corndogs and the fresh squeezed lemonade. I'm not a corndog fan, but I did have a funnel cake & carmel apple. Oh yes, and a bratwurst & uh, well ... I brought home a bag of cotton candy. Must have cotton candy! Come to think of it - my tummy hurts!
I've been going to the State Fair of Texas since I was a little girl growing up in West Texas. It was always a treat and now even if we only stay long enough to spend all our coupons eating junk food - we always make time to ride the world's largest ferris-wheel.
Get Ready! This weekend is the Red River Shoot-out - UT vs. OU. More later on how Texas is gonna take 'em again this year.
In the meantime - here's more proof on why my tummy hurts ...

And then there's James!

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