Thursday, June 4, 2009

What Happens In Vegas

What Happens in Vegas ... does not stay in Vegas!
Here's the proof ...
Finally, after 4o something years I get to meet Donny Osmond face to face.

Laughing it up with my teen crush. And my precious husband arm wrestling Donny Osmond over me :)

Oh btw, about their very high energy show - it was fantastic! From the front row it looked to me like Donny was singing "Go Away Little Girl" straight to me! The two hour show seemed like two minutes. They are extremely gracious, funny and absolutely beautiful. 

I told Marie, "I was disappointed she did not win Dancing w/the Stars," she quickly said, " Hey, I passed out, are you telling me I didn't win?" (cute & witty - what a combo!)

I told Donny, growing up I had his poster on my wall  & kissed it everyday. He quickly said, "It was time for me to take it down!" (oh very funny!)

James & Joy with Donny & Marie

Joy's dress is Joseph Ribkoff (


Rochelle said...

Oh Joy -- how fabulous you looked! And oh so happy -- what a dream come true! I'm thrilled that you had this experience!!!! Love ya!

Beverly Dillow said...

Now that looks like you had fun!!! I'm so excited you got to do that. How will James ever out do that surprise?

I'm sure Donny asked about me. I hope you were able to tell him all the latest. hehehe

The Sinnotts said...

WOW! I mean...the REAL DONNIE AND MARIE! So awesome. You look so happy! xo-kim